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RO Membrane
RO membranes are used in wastewater treatment procedure. These are highly effective in eliminating pollutants and salts from the water. Our offered offerings are designed especially for industrial usage. RO membranes have long lasting service life, easy installation and high efficiency. 

Water Softener Plant
Water softener plants are created for producing treated water. These are ideal for softening the water and making it useful for various applications. Our provided products are known for ruggedness, maximum efficiency, easy installation, excellent workability and several other properties. 

Industrial Pump
Industrial pumps are prepared using top grade stainless steel and advanced technologies. These are found in industries for chemical processing, water movement, pressurizing fluids, filtration and other applications. Industrial pumps are perfect for large volume fluid management and boiler feeds.    

Water Treatment Chemicals
Water treatment chemicals find their usage in pharmaceutical industries for treatment of process water, drinking water preparation and more. These are utilized for disinfection of piping. Water treatment chemicals have a modular design which can be easily installed and maintained. 
Disc Filter
Disc filters are basically a kind of water filter which is most commonly found in irrigation fields. These are processed by using high quality plastic and modern technology. Disc filters are covered with small bumps or grooves. Our products are highly efficient and durable.

Filter Cartridge
Filter cartridges are rendered here in different specifications and designs. These are used for numerous applications such as oil removal, industrial water filtration, pool water filtration, pre-filtration and self cleaning. Filter cartridges are found in petrochemical, food & beverage and other industries. 
Effluent Treatment Plants
Effluent treatment plants are produced for removing debris, non-toxic materials, dirt, organic compounds and other pollutants from industrial effluent. These are admired in the market for fine finishing, reliability, strong construction and easy installation. Effluent treatment plants are highly durable. 
Multiport Valve
Multiport valves are made for cleaning filter media. These are accustomed with several ports inside for allowing water flow. These are highly efficient in backwashing media that are used for filtering process. Multiport valves have qualities such as maximum longevity, sturdy construction and efficiency. 

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